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Random Thoughts

You know when you’re really down and depressed, and it seems like no ones with you in your times of trouble? I always feel that way. 

I try to search for someone to be there to comfort me every time I am in need, not knowing that I already have someone with me all throughout the hardships. 

Most of us underestimates the presence of Him, we just talk to him when we are in need, when we have a new material thing to brag. But come to think of it. We never talk to him when it’s just a normal day, instead of thanking Him for another day alive in His planet we even blame him for giving us hardships, failures. 

We remain ignorant that He gave those because He wanted us to grow, He wanted us to be closer to Him, He wanted us to know that He’s there. We kept our eyes closed, our ears deaf, but we opened our mouth to blame Him in everything that is happening to us.

To be honest I also do this, I am not perfect, but my faith in Him still can’t be shaken. I still keep my mind open for other possibilities like extraterrestrial beings exist, I also am in love with mythology and mythological creatures. But I know that there is a Lord God in Heaven watching upon us and guiding us. I know that I have been saved.