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Sitting handsomely

It has been a while since I wrote a blog, a lot has happened… I lost my job at a call center and just got a part time job as an office staff… My baby boy is now 7 lucky months old and he just learned how to sit down… 

It feels so new to me even if he is my second baby, and if you have been following and reading my blogs you would know that my first baby was not with me until she was 1yr and 4 months old.. 

Yes, I did saw her pictures at the first time she sat down but it is a lot more exciting seeing them growing up close. I get to be the one to assist him, to guide him. It is rewarding to see them learn new things.

It is just funny how my son gets really aware if there is a girl, preferably a woman walking by, he would stretch out his neck bend sidewards just to see the woman walking then if that person looked back at him, he would automatically smile.

My mom in law already said that my son would be a lady killer, especially that he has good genes.. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ thanks to my DNA (I’m raising my own chair here). Fine, also thanks to the genes of my husband… πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

To sum it all up my daughter and my son is my most valuable treasure πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’ 
My kid has been eating a lot of veggies, fruits and porridge. I also always put Cerelac on his diet to get more nutrition since his tummy is still small and I want him to get all nutrition’s in big chunks.

This might had his motor skills are leveling up faster than I thought. Soon he will be not that much of a baby anymore… (β•₯β•―ΞΈβ•°β•₯)I can’t imagine them growing up…

But still they are a treasure to forever keep.

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Introducing Solids

The time has come for my youngest to try solid foods. I picked a baby cereal flavored wheat and soymilk for his first solids.

I totally did not expect him to be really fond of it since it is his first time, but it ended out quite well. He even pulled my hand that was holding the spoon towards his mouth.

It was rewarding for me. It was my first time feeding my baby his first solid food.

It is a milestone for me and my baby. On the picture above is my mother-in-law and me feeding Kayle, my yyoungest. He was also excited for his first solid, and took it graciously. 

I never felt more excited in my life when this happened, I was even more excited to feed him solids than on my wedding day.(just exaggerating)

I can see the glow in his eyes, the curiousness on what was on his mouth.

I was planning to also feed him pureed potatoes together with thus baby cereal. It is really better to feed your baby a real food rather than store bought, processed cereals. And I don’t mean that store bought, processed baby cereals are not good, it’s just that it is better if you combine it with real food. That is my opinion, but again, I’m not a professional when it comes to parenting. That’s also one reason why I made this blog, so that other veteran parents can also teach me on how to do things right.

I’m also planning on having him taste just one food at a time, just to make sure if he has any allergies. I have to be extra cautious since I have a severe seafood allergy and my husband has allergies with mushroom, and my eldest is lactose intolerant, so, yeah.

Hopefully, I’m keeping my fingers crossed, that none of them will have my allergy, since it is a real punishment, there’s a lot of good seafood dishes that I can’t eat without taking any anti allergies.

If you’re reading this blog please do comment down below what is your allergy, or what are you allergic to.

Hope you still are following my blogs, even though sometimes it makes no sense. Love you all readers πŸ˜‰

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It’s a great feeling that you can see your kids learning new things… My youngest, which is my baby boy, is now starting to say mouthful of cooing sounds. I now even wonder when did he started to be talkative?

He’s now turning 6 months, and he’s starting to learn a lot of things. He is quite a handful especially when he turns like a wheel on our bed. Just a few more days and he will start solids, and then he will crawl, sit, stand, then walk. How did the grow up so fast? It seems just like yesterday when I gave birth to a little baby.

I got emotional there, I’m now thinking on what my kids will be like in the future. They’re still small, but they do a lot of amazing things. 

I often talk to my kids in a normal language, I don’t baby talk them. It is said that, that is a faster way for them to learn speaking. My eldest still say gibberish things. If you have read my previous blogs, you will know that I didn’t get to raise her up till now, and she’s already turning two this November. But now she is starting to learn to speak almost clearly, there are still some words that I can’t figure out.

Raising a child is a learning process for me. I am learning more from them instead of them learning from me, they teach me a lot of things, they make me notice things that are not noticeable. They laugh at the littlest details, and they tend to cry on almost everything.

Kids in general are magical creatures that gives you the fountain of youth, you just have to learn on how to be patient with them.

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Celebrating milestones

Ever feel like you want to do a happy dance when you have unlocked an achievement? I do, just recently my youngest did his full turn and I was like “huzzah!! He is almost ready to crawl!” It seems like I’ve seen the most miraculous thing in my own eyes. It is more rewarding than winning the lottery, at least it is for me. 

My youngest just turned 4months and it’s been a hell of a journey, and there’s still a lot more of milestones to reach. It’s like he just leveled up and learned a new skill. Me and my husband are gamers, that’s why I like to compare all of my baby’s achievements as a game level. 

I never had the chance to see these things on my eldest, since she was with my mom until her 1year. This is all new to me, maybe that’s why I am so pumped up when I saw him turning belly down. I love keeping records of these things.

I never imagined myself as a mom, as in never! It is something that I feel I would be bad at. But I am now giving a pat on back for a job well done for the past months, there’s still a lot more months to go and I’m not afraid anymore, I’m rather excited with everything that’s happening.

Milestones are like ladders that your baby would climb. And to reach the top we parents should be there to guide them, lead them to the right stairs, don’t sway on the path that’s already laid for them. It is better for both of you to learn from each other than, forcing your ways on your children.

Trust them, listen to them, they will do the same to you. Kids often act what they see, you are an example to them. So if your kid lost his way ask yourself this “what did you do, and where were you when it happened”. Keep in mind we were kids before, so if you have a not so good childhood don’t let your kids have that as well. Change the way you treat them, they are not you. 

Kids have a broad imagination and it is better not to kill it, that will help them be open minded and understand things faster. Again I am not an expert when it comes to parenting, I just started being a parent and it is not easy, I just want to share my thoughts especially I’m going to be a parent for the rest of my kids life. As long as they’re alive I’m still their threshold, their guide, mentor, and above all their first best friend. 

Having seen one of my kids new skill, makes me feel like I have to be more supportive and hone that skill so it will evolve on my very own hands. Kids this days learn fast that’s why we have to be always there for them. If you’re working like me, find a time for them. In the first place why are you working? Me, I’m working for them. And I might be a party pooper but I don’t join team buildings and eat out. It’s taking my time for my kids, I would rather go home to my kids than partying with friends and colleagues. 

I will end this with one quote from me.

Your kid won’t be with you forever, they have to spread their wings and fly one day. But you will remain a parent to them no matter how old they are. So cherish the time that they are still in your arms, it won’t be the last you’ll hold them, but when would be the next?

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Two bundles of joy

Having two bundles of joy can be both fulfilling and hard. Dealing with both and trying to get them be intact is really hard. 

In my case I had my second bundle of joy after 1 year and 3 months after my first, it was hard to get them to be friends since my first born was away from me for a long time, and she is still young to understand the meaning of a little brother.

Patience will be your best talent and you really must hone it. Dealing with two babies is no laughing matter, especially if the first one is still young. You have to implant on his/her young mind that they are older than the other, you must know that there would be times that one of them would be jealous of the other, especially when it comes to your attention. 

It is really hard to split yourself for the both of them especially if you are breastfeeding the youngest. Chances are, you will be giving more attention to the youngest and giving less attention to your oldest. You will have to let the oldest realize that she/he has a younger sibling. This can be really difficult especially if your case is like mine, my oldest is not that old to fully understand everything you say. Thankfully my eldest is smart enough to cope up after a couple of weeks that she is not an only child anymore. It’s wonderful to see her kissing and lulling her brother. 

But since she already know that she has a younger brother makes her want to play with him. The next part to teach her would be that her brother is not able to stand and run around with her yet. It’s hard to make her understand that her brother has still a delicate body, and she can’t use too much force when touching him. She tends to grab him and pull his arm. You have to be super observant on what she is doing and extra careful on how you deal with her when she’s hurting him already. 

Spare the rod, and spoil the child 

This saying is true. It does not mean that you have to brutally hurt your kids, NO!, what it really means is that you have to start disciplining them at an early age. It’s better to start acting now than regretting it later on. A kid will test your patience, that’s why you have to have an extra thread of patience. They will always play around, and they would not know if what they’re doing is wrong. That’s where parents come in and discipline them. 

You have to see things in their perspective. As a child we also had wild imaginations. We had things that others don’t see. Being a parent doesn’t just mean you have to be mature in thinking, it also means you have to be a kid @ heart. Believe me, it lessen the lines on your face and stress on your mind. Be protective, loving, firm, and above all be your kids best friend, that way he/she will be able to open up and be closer to you. Be the parent what you want your parents to be, not what your parents was to you. There’s a big difference there. 

Life is short, don’t waste it. Let your kids show how wonderful things can be. Having two kids is hard, but it is super fulfilling. It is tiring, yes, but our kids can wash away that tiredness with just one smile. 

A kids smile means a thousand words. Don’t let it fade away. 

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Exercise milestones

Every baby is different, even when learning things. Some may start walking before speaking, and some might be able to speak before they started walking. What’s most important is that they learn together with their parents. Teaching babies to toddler may eat up your patience, but as they say “patience is a talent, you must learn it, and hone it”

As a baby is born they will developed and learn milestones. From a simple laugh to ‘mama/Dada’ from unorganized movement of the hands and feet to crawling then eventually walking. Many of us might think that babies will just learn in due time and do not need any exercise for them to learn. This is mostly true, but exercising them will hone their skills and let them learn faster. 

There are two kinds of exercise that I personally do to my babies: motor and sensory. Motor is for their movement, and sensory for the senses. It is, yes, self explanatory. I tend to do this exercise on my first baby until she was 2months old, but since I have to go back to work I had to skip it, but since my second baby came surprisingly on my first horns 1yr and 4th month I became a full time mom. And as a full time mom, I also wanted for their development to be on track.

I was advised by my first baby’s neurons doctor about the exercises, as well as many how-to’s and books about milestones. It is true that your parents are your first teachers, since they are the one we followed when we were young we learn from them, it is like an heirloom being passed on, but we are evolving it, making it better and easier for us as well.

I never thought of myself teaching kids, especially with the temper I have with children. But being a mom is different from being a teacher. I just figured that out after being a mom. 

I make a schedule on what to exercise everyday. For example: MWF I will exercise baby’s sensory, while TTHSat I will exercise his/her motor. It is actually pretty simple. For sensory exercise I will pick which sense to exercise, let’s say I want my baby’s sight to be exercised, I will get a red toy since red is the first color they would recognize since it is bright and noticeable, I will just place the toy in front of my baby then slowly move it to the left then right. If it is the hearing I’ll get a rattle and place it 5in. Away from the baby’s ear and shake it until the baby turns his head towards the rattle (this is a double edged sword since you are also practicing his head motor skills at this point). His sense of smell does not need any exercise since it is their way of knowing mommies nearby. The sense of taste can be exercised when the baby can eat solids already. Just give them one type of food one at a time, this way you can also pinpoint if they have any allergies. With the sense of touch you must search or create a cube toy that has different textured sides. There should be a side for rough, smooth, crisp plastic, furry, spiky, and if possible sticky, this is for them to experience every feel of each side. It is better if you tell them which side they are touching. For speech it is best to tal to your baby every morning, talk to them as you would talk to a friend but slower, you will notice at their 2nd-3rd month they will look into your mouth as if figuring how you talk and mouth words (!! Never baby talk them!! It may sound weird but it is like encouraging them that it is okay not to speak straight).

Motor exercises are a bit tiring for them and needs extra care and attention. Although, it is just a few exercises it does help. You can let your baby lie down on his/her stomach while he/she is awake, this is for them to practice for crawling. If your baby can almost hold their head. Lift them up hands on their armpit make sure that you are still supporting their neck. Then slowly guide them to use their feet to walk.

This exercises might, or might not be effective to your babies. As I said before babies are not all the same.

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Good night my dear baby

Having a good nights sleep, affects your mood in the morning

I already have my second baby, but I haven’t been this hands on like on my first one. It was hard to cope up being a full time mom since on my first baby my mother was the one who took care of her until she turned 1. I tried a lot of guides and hearsay’s on how to give my baby a good nights sleep, and almost gave up. But I was determined that I want my baby to be disciplined with his time of sleeping starting early on his first month. (Since I’m now having a hard time making my first kid go to sleep).

This is not a guide or a how-to, I just want to share what I did. My baby boy is just 2 1/2 months old, but he tends to independently fall asleep around 7:30 – 9:00 pm, no need for cradle. I don’t have all the baby equipments, my baby don’t even have a crib, he is just lying next to me, even as I type this now. There will be some that will say that it is not safe to have babies sleep on the same bed, but I feel that my baby is safer besides me. 

I have tried lullabies, story telling, but nothing compares to a well organized routine. It is as if you are trying to implement discipline early on without looking to harsh. It is best to do the same thing everyday, and never miss anything so that the baby will remember what to do around that time of the day. Babies do not know what is night from day from the time they were born, so it is easier for us parents to implement the routine if done everyday.

If you are breastfeeding it is better if you fill him/her up in the morning going afternoon, make sure that your baby has comfy clothing’s (not too tight, not too hot better if it is cotton made) babies sleep can be disturbed by this factor. It is also true that a beautiful day brings good nights, so make sure that the baby will not be stressed the whole day. Also, lessen naps in the afternoon it can affect the length of babies sleep during night.

It is really rewarding to see your baby awake and smiling every morning. It feels that he/she has a real good morning.

I just want to share my babies smile this morning.

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Ever wondered why we sometimes say “mama/nanay/mom/mommy” when we are scared, crying, hurting. It is like a national scream for everyone of us. And it would be a lie if any would say that never in their life they shouted “mama/nanay/mom/mommy.” We all look for that motherly comfort when we are in need. I just want to share my experience with this expression since it is a common thing I say.

I always call my mom when I’m surprised, scared, when I am in pain. It is super awkward for me since I am not a mama’s girl, I’m more of a daddies girl. I can’t say that my mom and I are close enough. But when circumstances comes I shout “mama!” 

I still remember when I gave birth to my first baby, I can’t push the baby out properly since I keep on shouting “mama it hurts!” I kept on looking for comfort from my mom that the midwife had to let them out of the delivery room just for me to concentrate on letting my baby out first. It was an awkward moment since I always say that I am already an independent woman and I will not need her anymore. But I still look for her when I’m scared and surprised. 

I’m not a perfect daughter but as others would say, every child is perfect for a loving mother. I can attest to that since I already have kids.

So humans in this generation look beyond what you see. Our parents would definitely scold us, lecture us. But this is just because they want us to have the best things in life. It is, as they would say mother knows best. 

I’m a mom myself and I can also attest that no mother knows best, they also seek advice from other mothers, they also fail. Nobody’s perfect, even mothers. We should just have an open mind that they are also human beings that makes mistakes, they have fears, failures and a lot of flaws, but still they are managing to held their head high, be strong and smile, like the world is a better place.

Some might say their experiences with their moms are not the best, there are some that has a different way of showing their motherly love some might even spank or hurt their kids. But have anyone even thought why they do this before making false accusations? No, because the world is now full of people who will judge you based on what they just heard or saw. Why did I end up saying that? Oh, well. This goes for all mothers in the world.

We are not perfect, we just try to be. We don’t know best but we are the best listeners. Adoptive, biological, Aunt, grandmothers, sisters, Gay moms. I salute all mothers in the world.

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Going back to work after giving birth.

As they say that going back to work after a long leave is like going back to reality of life, but going back after giving birth is like leaving a piece of you every time you leave your house.

I wanted to share my tips since I just gave birth last February to my second child, and just been advised that I need to return to work a day from now. My mind is troubled on how can I handle the separation anxiety building up, especially that I am still breastfeeding my baby. 

We working mothers would feel burdened to leave home to work. For me it feels like I’m  committing a sin every time I leave, even if it is just for groceries or such, so leaving for almost 12 hours away from home is like a mountain inside my chest.

Here are some tips on how to get over the separation anxiety, I did this to my first baby and intend to do it again. Please do consider since not all of us are the same as well as our kids.

  • Leave your used clothing near baby

– as old people say that when you do this your scent will be with your baby. As we all know that babies know their mothers scent and will look for it especially when feeding, and sometimes sleeping. By leaving your used clothing behind, you are at ease that your baby will not miss you too much since he/she can still smell your scent. This saves us from worrying that our baby might not feed since they are searching your scent. 

  • Provide more attention to your baby hours before you go.

    Providing much attention makes your baby at ease and think that you won’t leave. Believe me, our babies know that we are leaving even if we don’t tell them. Giving the needed attention to your baby before you leave will satisfy them from wanting you to be by their side. It is normal that on the first week of you leaving for work will be hard for your baby and yourself, practice makes permanent so just keep on doing things that you did when you were on maternity leave.

    • Don’t carry or touch the baby 2 hours before you go

    – as bad as it sounds this will help you and your baby not to feel the separation anxiety before you leave for work. This also helps your baby not to be so dependent on you. Just think of it as a lesson to be independent.

    • Don’t force pump 

    – this goes to those who are also breastfeeding like me, since as I mentioned above, babies know when we are leaving, they will demand more attention and will be draining out the milk from you. If you can’t pump anything mor than 2 oz. Please do mix feeding! It is not a sin to do mix feeding, rather than forcing yourself in pumping and denying your baby proper feeding. Babies need to double their weight before they can sleep. You can always breastfeed your baby when you get home, just make sure to get at least 30 minutes rest before doing so.

    • Plot your schedules

    – babies have routines, they should still be followed accordingly. Babies will look for the same routine especially if they are doing it ever since the beginning. They will be looking for the same thing every day so it is better to jot down what you are doing everyday and leave it to whoever will be taking care of your baby.

    • Look for a closer job

    – it might be hard, but it is better to be closer to your home so that it would be easy to access your house. It would also be better to look for a home based job so you can take care of your baby and not leave. I have tried to look for a home based job while on leave l, but I guess my luck was not enough to get one 😦

    Parenting is not easy, all parents knows that. First time parents might have doubts and inhibitions that they can juggle all things while taking care of their babies. I am not an expert on this but believe me you can do anything possible. You just have to have a proper mindset on what to do and pray always, as for guidance.

    Everything that is happening has a reason, don’t go around looking for that reason, instead accept it and move on.