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Celebrating milestones

Ever feel like you want to do a happy dance when you have unlocked an achievement? I do, just recently my youngest did his full turn and I was like “huzzah!! He is almost ready to crawl!” It seems like I’ve seen the most miraculous thing in my own eyes. It is more rewarding than winning the lottery, at least it is for me. 

My youngest just turned 4months and it’s been a hell of a journey, and there’s still a lot more of milestones to reach. It’s like he just leveled up and learned a new skill. Me and my husband are gamers, that’s why I like to compare all of my baby’s achievements as a game level. 

I never had the chance to see these things on my eldest, since she was with my mom until her 1year. This is all new to me, maybe that’s why I am so pumped up when I saw him turning belly down. I love keeping records of these things.

I never imagined myself as a mom, as in never! It is something that I feel I would be bad at. But I am now giving a pat on back for a job well done for the past months, there’s still a lot more months to go and I’m not afraid anymore, I’m rather excited with everything that’s happening.

Milestones are like ladders that your baby would climb. And to reach the top we parents should be there to guide them, lead them to the right stairs, don’t sway on the path that’s already laid for them. It is better for both of you to learn from each other than, forcing your ways on your children.

Trust them, listen to them, they will do the same to you. Kids often act what they see, you are an example to them. So if your kid lost his way ask yourself this “what did you do, and where were you when it happened”. Keep in mind we were kids before, so if you have a not so good childhood don’t let your kids have that as well. Change the way you treat them, they are not you. 

Kids have a broad imagination and it is better not to kill it, that will help them be open minded and understand things faster. Again I am not an expert when it comes to parenting, I just started being a parent and it is not easy, I just want to share my thoughts especially I’m going to be a parent for the rest of my kids life. As long as they’re alive I’m still their threshold, their guide, mentor, and above all their first best friend. 

Having seen one of my kids new skill, makes me feel like I have to be more supportive and hone that skill so it will evolve on my very own hands. Kids this days learn fast that’s why we have to be always there for them. If you’re working like me, find a time for them. In the first place why are you working? Me, I’m working for them. And I might be a party pooper but I don’t join team buildings and eat out. It’s taking my time for my kids, I would rather go home to my kids than partying with friends and colleagues. 

I will end this with one quote from me.

Your kid won’t be with you forever, they have to spread their wings and fly one day. But you will remain a parent to them no matter how old they are. So cherish the time that they are still in your arms, it won’t be the last you’ll hold them, but when would be the next?


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