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Two bundles of joy

Having two bundles of joy can be both fulfilling and hard. Dealing with both and trying to get them be intact is really hard. 

In my case I had my second bundle of joy after 1 year and 3 months after my first, it was hard to get them to be friends since my first born was away from me for a long time, and she is still young to understand the meaning of a little brother.

Patience will be your best talent and you really must hone it. Dealing with two babies is no laughing matter, especially if the first one is still young. You have to implant on his/her young mind that they are older than the other, you must know that there would be times that one of them would be jealous of the other, especially when it comes to your attention. 

It is really hard to split yourself for the both of them especially if you are breastfeeding the youngest. Chances are, you will be giving more attention to the youngest and giving less attention to your oldest. You will have to let the oldest realize that she/he has a younger sibling. This can be really difficult especially if your case is like mine, my oldest is not that old to fully understand everything you say. Thankfully my eldest is smart enough to cope up after a couple of weeks that she is not an only child anymore. It’s wonderful to see her kissing and lulling her brother. 

But since she already know that she has a younger brother makes her want to play with him. The next part to teach her would be that her brother is not able to stand and run around with her yet. It’s hard to make her understand that her brother has still a delicate body, and she can’t use too much force when touching him. She tends to grab him and pull his arm. You have to be super observant on what she is doing and extra careful on how you deal with her when she’s hurting him already. 

Spare the rod, and spoil the child 

This saying is true. It does not mean that you have to brutally hurt your kids, NO!, what it really means is that you have to start disciplining them at an early age. It’s better to start acting now than regretting it later on. A kid will test your patience, that’s why you have to have an extra thread of patience. They will always play around, and they would not know if what they’re doing is wrong. That’s where parents come in and discipline them. 

You have to see things in their perspective. As a child we also had wild imaginations. We had things that others don’t see. Being a parent doesn’t just mean you have to be mature in thinking, it also means you have to be a kid @ heart. Believe me, it lessen the lines on your face and stress on your mind. Be protective, loving, firm, and above all be your kids best friend, that way he/she will be able to open up and be closer to you. Be the parent what you want your parents to be, not what your parents was to you. There’s a big difference there. 

Life is short, don’t waste it. Let your kids show how wonderful things can be. Having two kids is hard, but it is super fulfilling. It is tiring, yes, but our kids can wash away that tiredness with just one smile. 

A kids smile means a thousand words. Don’t let it fade away. 


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