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Exercise milestones

Every baby is different, even when learning things. Some may start walking before speaking, and some might be able to speak before they started walking. What’s most important is that they learn together with their parents. Teaching babies to toddler may eat up your patience, but as they say “patience is a talent, you must learn it, and hone it”

As a baby is born they will developed and learn milestones. From a simple laugh to ‘mama/Dada’ from unorganized movement of the hands and feet to crawling then eventually walking. Many of us might think that babies will just learn in due time and do not need any exercise for them to learn. This is mostly true, but exercising them will hone their skills and let them learn faster. 

There are two kinds of exercise that I personally do to my babies: motor and sensory. Motor is for their movement, and sensory for the senses. It is, yes, self explanatory. I tend to do this exercise on my first baby until she was 2months old, but since I have to go back to work I had to skip it, but since my second baby came surprisingly on my first horns 1yr and 4th month I became a full time mom. And as a full time mom, I also wanted for their development to be on track.

I was advised by my first baby’s neurons doctor about the exercises, as well as many how-to’s and books about milestones. It is true that your parents are your first teachers, since they are the one we followed when we were young we learn from them, it is like an heirloom being passed on, but we are evolving it, making it better and easier for us as well.

I never thought of myself teaching kids, especially with the temper I have with children. But being a mom is different from being a teacher. I just figured that out after being a mom. 

I make a schedule on what to exercise everyday. For example: MWF I will exercise baby’s sensory, while TTHSat I will exercise his/her motor. It is actually pretty simple. For sensory exercise I will pick which sense to exercise, let’s say I want my baby’s sight to be exercised, I will get a red toy since red is the first color they would recognize since it is bright and noticeable, I will just place the toy in front of my baby then slowly move it to the left then right. If it is the hearing I’ll get a rattle and place it 5in. Away from the baby’s ear and shake it until the baby turns his head towards the rattle (this is a double edged sword since you are also practicing his head motor skills at this point). His sense of smell does not need any exercise since it is their way of knowing mommies nearby. The sense of taste can be exercised when the baby can eat solids already. Just give them one type of food one at a time, this way you can also pinpoint if they have any allergies. With the sense of touch you must search or create a cube toy that has different textured sides. There should be a side for rough, smooth, crisp plastic, furry, spiky, and if possible sticky, this is for them to experience every feel of each side. It is better if you tell them which side they are touching. For speech it is best to tal to your baby every morning, talk to them as you would talk to a friend but slower, you will notice at their 2nd-3rd month they will look into your mouth as if figuring how you talk and mouth words (!! Never baby talk them!! It may sound weird but it is like encouraging them that it is okay not to speak straight).

Motor exercises are a bit tiring for them and needs extra care and attention. Although, it is just a few exercises it does help. You can let your baby lie down on his/her stomach while he/she is awake, this is for them to practice for crawling. If your baby can almost hold their head. Lift them up hands on their armpit make sure that you are still supporting their neck. Then slowly guide them to use their feet to walk.

This exercises might, or might not be effective to your babies. As I said before babies are not all the same.

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