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Good night my dear baby

Having a good nights sleep, affects your mood in the morning

I already have my second baby, but I haven’t been this hands on like on my first one. It was hard to cope up being a full time mom since on my first baby my mother was the one who took care of her until she turned 1. I tried a lot of guides and hearsay’s on how to give my baby a good nights sleep, and almost gave up. But I was determined that I want my baby to be disciplined with his time of sleeping starting early on his first month. (Since I’m now having a hard time making my first kid go to sleep).

This is not a guide or a how-to, I just want to share what I did. My baby boy is just 2 1/2 months old, but he tends to independently fall asleep around 7:30 – 9:00 pm, no need for cradle. I don’t have all the baby equipments, my baby don’t even have a crib, he is just lying next to me, even as I type this now. There will be some that will say that it is not safe to have babies sleep on the same bed, but I feel that my baby is safer besides me. 

I have tried lullabies, story telling, but nothing compares to a well organized routine. It is as if you are trying to implement discipline early on without looking to harsh. It is best to do the same thing everyday, and never miss anything so that the baby will remember what to do around that time of the day. Babies do not know what is night from day from the time they were born, so it is easier for us parents to implement the routine if done everyday.

If you are breastfeeding it is better if you fill him/her up in the morning going afternoon, make sure that your baby has comfy clothing’s (not too tight, not too hot better if it is cotton made) babies sleep can be disturbed by this factor. It is also true that a beautiful day brings good nights, so make sure that the baby will not be stressed the whole day. Also, lessen naps in the afternoon it can affect the length of babies sleep during night.

It is really rewarding to see your baby awake and smiling every morning. It feels that he/she has a real good morning.

I just want to share my babies smile this morning.


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