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Ever wondered why we sometimes say “mama/nanay/mom/mommy” when we are scared, crying, hurting. It is like a national scream for everyone of us. And it would be a lie if any would say that never in their life they shouted “mama/nanay/mom/mommy.” We all look for that motherly comfort when we are in need. I just want to share my experience with this expression since it is a common thing I say.

I always call my mom when I’m surprised, scared, when I am in pain. It is super awkward for me since I am not a mama’s girl, I’m more of a daddies girl. I can’t say that my mom and I are close enough. But when circumstances comes I shout “mama!” 

I still remember when I gave birth to my first baby, I can’t push the baby out properly since I keep on shouting “mama it hurts!” I kept on looking for comfort from my mom that the midwife had to let them out of the delivery room just for me to concentrate on letting my baby out first. It was an awkward moment since I always say that I am already an independent woman and I will not need her anymore. But I still look for her when I’m scared and surprised. 

I’m not a perfect daughter but as others would say, every child is perfect for a loving mother. I can attest to that since I already have kids.

So humans in this generation look beyond what you see. Our parents would definitely scold us, lecture us. But this is just because they want us to have the best things in life. It is, as they would say mother knows best. 

I’m a mom myself and I can also attest that no mother knows best, they also seek advice from other mothers, they also fail. Nobody’s perfect, even mothers. We should just have an open mind that they are also human beings that makes mistakes, they have fears, failures and a lot of flaws, but still they are managing to held their head high, be strong and smile, like the world is a better place.

Some might say their experiences with their moms are not the best, there are some that has a different way of showing their motherly love some might even spank or hurt their kids. But have anyone even thought why they do this before making false accusations? No, because the world is now full of people who will judge you based on what they just heard or saw. Why did I end up saying that? Oh, well. This goes for all mothers in the world.

We are not perfect, we just try to be. We don’t know best but we are the best listeners. Adoptive, biological, Aunt, grandmothers, sisters, Gay moms. I salute all mothers in the world.


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